Elizabeth Gupta

Elizabeth Gupta

I am an educator of many years standing, and have taught in some very fine schools. A few years back, I decided to slowly give up active teaching and return to my passion for writing. I am part of the writer's group of Chillibreeze, and am a freelance writer and editor. My e-books, 'A Guide to Spiritual Tourism in India' and 'Frankincense and Myrrh' have been published by Chillibreeze Solutions. 'Frankincense and Myrrh' is now available on Kindle. 'A Guide to Spiritual Tourism in India' is still available on Chillibreeze. This book is for those who want to connect with Nature and find their own inner spirituality. It has nothing to do with organized religion or religiosity, but is a guide to places that afford sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life and living, so that we can get back to ourselves and realign our heart and soul and body. 'Frankincense and Myrrh', is a collection of stories based on my life's experiences, through which I want to reach out to all those who sometimes get stymied by life, and sometimes just need the re-affirmation that nothing can keep a person down...

Interests and Hobbies:
I love trekking and traveling. Nature is very important to me. I enjoy all kinds of music. Reading is an abiding interest with me - just cannot be without a book. I love doing crosswords. Dictionaries, atlases, and the Thesaurus fascinate me.

I believe deeply in the Wabi-Sabi way of life. It is an incredibly beautiful concept.

I'm passionate about issues concerning the girl child and women, especially in India. I never fail to write about matters that affect me in some way or another.

Urdu is a language that stirs me. Sufism touches my heart.

'Me' time is important to me and I make sure I have a little everyday.

My blog, Pause a Minute is where I express myself and share my thoughts. Along with this, I have a blog Weft and Warp - on happenings around the world; Gleanings - on language; and Sihora Diary - on my stay in an Ashram in a village. I love to interact and share with people who have the same leanings.