Katherine-Asha-Elena-Gabrielle Bathsheba Constantine

I am nothing. I am insignificant. I am a goddamn Nothing

Interests and Hobbies:
I enjoy reading and writing very much, And I enjoy literature like Jane eyre, Tess of the D'urbervilles. Pride and Prejedice, emma .etc.etc. however, I like reading fiction about death, destruction, war, pain,,,,or any historical fiction or science fiction. However, I dislike romance or any novels with happy endings, I also enjoy studying social science like philosophy, psychology, and ,society and politics. Sometimes, I study religion. I am a very pessimistic, and cynical ,serious, completely unemotional and dark sort of person, and I am a workoholic. I don't fear death, and I don't love my life. I like thinking about life and death, and about everything that I could think about. I enjoy writing about philosophy and the society and sometimes the world, but I write poems about how I feel about life, or what I think of people and of myself. I wish to share my poems or verses with other people, Even though i am raised in a comfortable family, and I am thankful to evevything my parents have given me, but sometimes,,,,I can't show my true nature, All i do everyday is to control my true nature from bursting out, that's why I hope this website can give me a chance to show who I am, and to share my thoughts and experiences with other people. Maybe someone will say I am a teenager and I am just getting through a tough period, but I hope you will trust me when i say i know what I am going thorough right now is not just a teenage period... I enjoy being alone or even getting yelled at, because when I am alone or when someone yell at me, I can think....I love the darkness, and I love being alone...I write what I think or feel on a piece of paper, and I think of this as a way to speak of my feelings. i control myself very well....better than I thought I could...and the side effects are that my control is so well that it left me without any emotions left at all...I am not a troubled teen, and I believe in reality and reason and effect, cause and consequences, sense and reason