Ams Kingston

My academic background is multi-disciplinary, ranging from Sociology, Criminology, and Science and Technology Studies. Stories: Tarnished - a story about a well educated legal scholar who has worked hard for respect in her area of work, only to become the victim of a malicious scheme and an abusive, yet sincere husband. This is not just the classic tale of a woman suffering from 'battered woman syndrome', it is much deeper than that. It offers ideals on love, friendship, betrayel and displays a different side of prison - one that the average eye cannot see.

Interests and Hobbies:
My hobbies are mainly working out, talking and listening, travelling and reading - a lot! I love going to big cities, I love the vibrancy and the energy. Big cities are full of first impressions just waiting to happen.

Oh and one more thing, I love to write.