Ian Stevens

In a word, I am best described to be one thing: a creator. Whether inspired to create music for open ears to listen or drawn to create poetry for longing minds to enjoy, I have an intense passion for expression. In years to come, I hope to follow my heart and succeed as a musician; however, I will always turn towards poetry as an outlet for my thoughts and emotions, as a powerful form of expression presented through words. ----- I ask for anyone who posts my poems onto another site to give credit to myself and post a link to the original page. I also have been getting a lot of comments about wanting to email me or get permission to use some of my poems for band lyrics and such, so for all of you who would like to contact me me my email is at: when.shadows.wake@gmail.com ----- Unfortunately I have found several people stealing my work off this Buzzle profile and claiming it as their own. Thus, I shall be much more cautious when posting my writing onto any site. I hope that, for those honest readers and critics who look at my work, you enjoy my poems and that everyone who falls witness to someone else's work will have the integrity to acknowledge it is not their own. I will continue to write, but I will not publish any further poems onto public websites until I have taken the necessary steps in protecting my work. Thank you all for your time.