Lynne S

Heelloo! Lynne here from the land down under otherwise known as New Zealand and sometimes Australia or the country where the hobbits roam but I think New Zealand sounds good haha I'm 15 years old and I'm currently in my 3rd year of my 5 years of high school, high school is fun I guess...just not when exams and assessments leaves you with no sleep (which is a lot of the time bleh -.-) I still have no idea what I wanna do in the future, I have about 50 career ideas in my head, its so tough being indecisive! Anywhoo, I have no idea what else to write now but I really hope you read my story 'That One Guy' and leave your thoughts in the comments. As for what I'm doing right now with my writing is that you may see a lot of unfinished stories which I know is very annoying because it happens to me too and I'm very sorry about it but its just that when I start writing my stories its usually based on a very brief and limited idea that I kind of expand and just go with the flow and sometimes I just lose the flow and the idea and then the whole story just becomes aimless and I really don't want to write and produce something that just seems to be going around in circles and going no where and very boring. So I've decided that I'm going to re-create and write all the unfinished stories again, but this time I'm going to work on a full plot and chapters so I know that there is going to be a climax and its going to be exciting and interesting, but yeah I hope it all goes well and that everyone will bear with me. I really do apologize for getting everyone into a story and continuing it. Movingg on, I think thats about it from me but if you have any questions, comments, advice or anything, I'm always reachable by email ( so yeah, please check out 'That One Guy' and I will update (somehow -.-) on how things are going with the re-writing.

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I would like to thank everyone in advance for reading and checking out my stories on Buzzle, you guys have no idea how much it means to me and to the ones who have never given up on me and stuck with me and gave me comments and advice, you guys are the best and you guys are who keeps me writing and motivated to come up with new ideas, I love you guys! and all my stories dedicated to you!