Bri Busby

Hey friends. I'm Briana, of course. I love buzzle so much. It's probably the only website that actually cares for my writings even if most people don't get on this site. It's chill and I love it so much. I don't have a professional background. I've only had one job ever in life and it was at Papa Johns and I hated it so much man. I go to school at LD Bell in Texas and I take mostly AP classes and they aren't hard, just tedious and it's piles and piles of studying, but I love it. I'm a trainer at school which is like a medical assistant for every sport so if they get hurt, we will be there. It's so much fun and you get into every game for free so it's pretty cool. Um, yeah. That's it. Love you guys and keep being the best writer that you can be.

Interests and Hobbies:
- sleeping
- eating
- sorority
- work
- work
- work
- music
- English major