Blond Men for a change

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Blondie Guy I like this joke... 4/20/2014
fely now thats something! 8/30/2010
Shona Just goes to show that girls are way better then men! 3/28/2010
whatever if you don't like it then don't read it then you wont have anything to complain about now will you? didnt think so! ! ! ! ! ! 11/30/2009
Dezii haha so true girls are smarter than guys:) :] 11/30/2009
michael yea thats funny..........about time someone talks about guys 9/4/2007
blondie I'm sick of this racism kindly pack it in or I will may a complaint 3/4/2007
Britt ha! ha! now that was funny! "kneel before me for i am woman!" 7/29/2006
britterz well... i dont no wat to say but i did crack up laughing
amy kinda funny iv heard better 1/18/2005
BlondeWoman I don't get it. 3/18/2004
BlondeDezzy yeah 6/29/2003
---- That's not funny, and it's really stupid, sexist, and gay. 5/13/2003
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