Great Dumb Blondes

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blondgurl ahahah now thatz funni! even if it iz about my heir colour! 1/20/2012
Chelsei lol im in my room, laughing at the latop, feeling like a dumb blonde...considering i am one! 9/19/2011
okay these are the funnest jokes on here! 4/7/2011
Blondiy okay it is our job to be dumb and hot so get used to it ladies who are not blonde! 1/26/2011
shannon haha that is o me... 1/26/2011
justin bieber i love blonde jokes! they remind me of my best friend! 1/1/2011
S haha, thats funny =] 11/24/2010
katie c this is so funny 11/18/2010
Bryan The second jokes is by-far better then the first... 3/19/2010
Bobalicious how do you kill a blonde? put a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of a pool 3/7/2010
Bobalicious ok number 2 is pretty good, but just because i like number 2's 3/7/2010
shea m your awesome your very funny.i lve both of your jokes.there like totally awesome.u rok gacho bad.oh just incase you dont no wat gacho means, it means really bad, but in a good way.i have one to help you.
1.)how do you drown a blonde?
-you tape a mirror 2 da bottom of a pool
savanah acors(: wow kid! you are quit funny!
you should make even moree,
you like made my life(:
jessica the 2nd one was more funny than the 1st one...and you need some better jokes dude seriously...[: 10/27/2009
the audiance The 1st one was better den the 2nd 1 10/12/2009
miguel r it was freaking halarious 10/8/2009
justin c very funny 10/8/2009
dj i love this blonde joke 5/15/2009
autumn watch it im blonde 3/16/2009
Ima Blonde Not funny uhm...not all blondes are dumb. i am at the top of my class, in all pre ap classes, getting strait a's. :) steroetype 3/6/2009
j that is relly funny 12/10/2008
mark #2 was a good one 11/7/2008
Katia Carter These are really old. We need some new jokes. 11/6/2008
jessica i really like both of them they are really funny ( : 10/28/2008
DarkDragon hahahaha! funny, keep it coming! 8/2/2008
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