Mother's Tears

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joan very nice 6/11/2011
Maria Ablatino I love you and your poems ! Mothers Day is coming soon and I finally found a present ! thx stupendous :P 2/24/2011
Maria Alfiaco touching poem... my mom died when I was 6 & now I'm 8 but I still beileve that one day my mom & I will meet together in heaven I'm sad but your poem made me feel brave even though it's not in our hands it's in god's Thanks for these poems that makesthe person feels with happiness & confident ! 2/9/2011
Mariam Nasser Very nice do you know my mother died too but we have to face the truth this is not in our hands god is the one who make it real and now I just miss my mom so much I even forget her voice I'm 8 and my mom died when I was 6 she had cancer in sixth level but your poem made me bieleve that one day we will meet again and that place is heaven I just wanted to thank you for these poems you really opened my eye, & please write more beautiful poems like this one THANK YOU for these tremendous poems ! 2/9/2011
arley(",) geez...this poem is very touching..i think if you send this to your mother,im sure she'll love this. 2/2/2009
Dee This is an awesome poem. I was getting ideas for my mother's 60th b-day. 1/25/2009
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