How Does a Bullet Work

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zeibe emmanuel thanks it was helpful 2/16/2020
Anonymous Beautifully clear description. Masterly work! 12/23/2019
Michele This is a wonderful article and well illustrated. It is simple, clear and to the point. (Pun intended ) Thanks for this. 9/6/2017
JOHNN Spare a moment, pen a comment... FANTASTIC 6/21/2017
Larry J I tried to ask for permission to use some of your diagrams; somehow the program you're using suggested that I had included profanity in the message. If you'd be so kind, how may I contact you for permission to use some of your diagrams? 4/5/2017
pranto rahat thank you for the info 6/8/2016
sandy Really nice explanation of the topics...very helpful...simple language...
Overall best
Survivor1 How Does a Projectile Works? I mean how does it blasts after hitting a target? 11/6/2015
MBP How Does a Projectile Works? I mean how does it blasts after heating a target? 10/31/2015
Harry This is boss 10/14/2015
AJAY WOOW 5/15/2015
K.Tamil selvi Today I went for training at Armed Reserve centre.There they have explained in detail about weapons and the Bullets (they called it as Rounds) of various types & models but practical firing and the mechanism involved in releasing the bullet couldn't watch.on visiting this site I was very much Contented.Thank You 9/19/2014
lol that was wonder full i hope its to good i dont want want to fail 9/6/2014
Anwar Thanks a lot! The explanation helped me a lot to know about the parts of the bullet in English. Because I was mainly interested in the names. 9/5/2014
hitendra kumar what is the path of it move forward like as a shape of spring...? 7/7/2014
onkar sapkal really good explanation, thanks for that 3/21/2014
gg thanks easy explanation 3/12/2014
darshan thank you it is very helpful 2/13/2014
madhu I am thoroughly satisfied with this article it helped me in my science seminar 2/12/2014
arun im lucky to know this .its clear. 1/5/2014
prince.g superb .its use full guide. 11/6/2013
jordan W thanks, helped alot. 10/28/2013
thomas what do u mean by boat tail? 7/1/2013
srinivas.S Very Xcellent... 4/22/2013
Gauri Brilliantly done! :) 4/17/2013
RS No one could have done it better... 4/16/2013
augusteen could u pls tell the detailed working an composition of the primer only...thanks 4/11/2013
Grace Hey that bullet works man! It is shooting and shooting:) Well can i buy one? 4/10/2013
ella fiddleton fantastic web 2/15/2013
Edward Cool! 6/19/2012
awais khan how can we hit a correct aim? 6/2/2012
gnp i like tis article..!
really infomative..!
Ted Y. somewhat confusing when the entire cartridge unit is referred to as the bullet.I would prefer using the term"cartridge" and its collectivel compon ents . Shooter friends and I I have always referred to the projectile asThe "Bullet. Prior to reloading our ammunition; we refer to a bullet chart to determine the best projectile for the intendedr purpose. i.e. hunting; or target shooting f or ectreme/or maximum accuracy. Thanks for letting me bend your ear... . 7/30/2011
Pilotm Everything is just awesome and really described in super about ve mechanism of bullets thanks for the author 1/27/2011
bala it was good but if a working modle was available then it would have
been more intesting
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