Yo Mama So Fat

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R A K 7 Yo mama so fat when she was on her way to home depot she triped over walmart, broke Kmart, and landed on target. 8/18/2013
jc your mama is so ugly her birth certificate says expired 6/1/2013
RYAN your mama is so poor her doormat doesnt say welcome it says welfare 6/1/2013
isaiah.c your mama is so dumd she tried to comit suicide by jumping off a curb 6/1/2013
kadinb. yo moma so fat she takes all of mexico as her tanning bed 2/28/2013
kaya 14 yo mama so fat when she steped on a skail it said to be continued 11/7/2012
realnamenick j yo mama teeth are so yellow gold miners thought they wer rich 10/25/2012
orenge yo momas so fat she went to take a bath and couldnt find the tub 10/25/2012
Bob troll Yo moms so fat she's like mercury half of her has never been seen 10/19/2012
purplepony69 yo mama so fat she cant even see the ground 10/11/2012
purplepony69 yo mama so fat she sat on a man he went woo woo she went beep beep 10/11/2012
Shelby Lanning Yo mama so fat when she took her son christmas shopping they thought she was a XL Santa Claus! 9/24/2012
s.b k.d yo mama so fat she`s like mercury, half of her never been seen 7/13/2012
awsome boy 12 yo mamma so fat she was on the bech pepole though she was a wale 7/13/2012
Josephine I like ;) 7/12/2012
TWISTYdude Yo Momma so fat she's your TWIN! 7/10/2012
drew yo mama so fat when she jumps in the pool with the whales they sang we are familyy dundundundundun 7/3/2012
Mike Yo mama so fat she sat on Jesus in kinder 6/25/2012
lewis Your mama so fat even god can't lift her spirt 6/14/2012
/// uy 6/6/2012
tina mina yo mama so fat that when she steps on the scale it says to be continue... 6/6/2012
jeoy a you awesome 6/6/2012
jason yo mama is so fat that she read a book for children and there eye where so big 6/3/2012
yooooooooo mama yo mama so fat that when she got hit by a bus she said "who throw the rock". 6/1/2012
yooooooooo mama yo mama so poor when i walked in to her house i asked wheres the bathroom she said "pick a corner". 6/1/2012
yooooooooo mama yo mama so dumb a quarter in a parking meter and said " where is my gumball". 6/1/2012
yooooooooo mama yo mama so fat when the military needed parachutes they went in yo mama's drawers. 5/31/2012
dray yo mama so fat she brock the twin tawers be for the plans came 5/25/2012
dumd dog yo mama so fat she dont need the internet she allredy wurldwide 5/19/2012
Andrew Your mam so fat she felll off both sides of the bed Dwl 4/23/2012
betty bombart mi wa fort 4/23/2012
nate wilson nice one 3/23/2012
LikeqBoss Yo mama's so fat that when she went on the stairway to haven it turned into the stairway to hell 3/22/2012
jayden I love it 3/15/2012
Max legit Lol 3/12/2012
bon thats mean 3/7/2012
thomas hollow that is a great one. i love it. good thinking lol 2/13/2012
aparis WOW 1/21/2012
kaiman747 yo mama so fat wen she lies dowe on the beaches pepole run a arouned her yelling free willy 1/18/2012
aparis all these nice 1/15/2012
ryan yo mamma is so fat that when she tripped over it cause 2012 1/3/2012
the OMG! 1/3/2012
ugly cute cow yo mama so fat that when god said let there be light, he ment move. 12/30/2011
almon joy yo mama so fat she got her own zip code 12/15/2011
Cole Yo mama is so fat she sunk the titanic 12/7/2011
Madison Oh my god that was an awesome joke. You had me rolling on that joke. 11/29/2011
Kathryn Hawkins Thats like the oldest one ever 11/24/2011
Kaleb A when she walked past the tv you missed all the commercials 11/17/2011
Mercedez E yo mama so fat she sat on the rainbow and all the skittles fell out 11/8/2011
haha funny 11/1/2011
katie your mama so poor she was kicking a can i asked "miss what are you doing" she said "moving" 11/1/2011
sam downie yo mama is so fat she can play pool whith the planets 7/24/2011
amanda ha lol funny 7/13/2011
nathan your mum is so fat every time she turns around its her birthday 6/28/2011
ya mum master ya mums so fat dora couldn"t even explor her 6/21/2011
luwana yo mamas so fat, she stepped in the grand cannyon and got stuck 5/24/2011
alex seen it before 4/28/2011
angela d Yo mama so fat she had a new Job at the theaters which was the screen 4/26/2011
angela d Yo mama so fat she uses Mexico as a tanning bed 4/26/2011
Diana very funny 4/4/2011
nicki minaj wow 4/1/2011
unknown great 3/22/2011
cole whitledge yo mamas so old, she baby sat Yoda! 3/9/2011
cole whitledge yo mamas so fat, she has to put her belt on with a boomarang! 3/9/2011
carlos a your mama is so fat that when she tripped it was 2012 2/17/2011
Santiago yo mama so fat that when she went to the beach the whales sang "we are family!" 2/17/2011
Jonathon Yo mama is so fat when she went sky diving she got stuck. 2/14/2011
jake your mum is so fat when she stands on the raunbow it makes skittles 1/29/2011
Charm thats a good one ! 1/28/2011
black Your mama so fat that when step on the scale it said 902.0 1/26/2011
michael Your mama so fat that she eats a twinky 4 breakfast lunch and dinner 1/26/2011
ruby your so fat hahahaha! 1/25/2011
Joseph I. yo mom is so fat that when she stood on a scale... it said "I want your weight, not your phone number" 1/23/2011
Jesse Grant Your momas so fat not even dora can explore her 1/14/2011
carolinagirl this is funny! 1/7/2011
junior alsome 12/31/2010
chyenne ROFL! 12/12/2010
munashe your mama so fat when she was about to get hit by a van the driver tried swerving round her but half way he ran out of petrol 11/29/2010
erica your mama so fat when she step in the room the floor go down 11/22/2010
ChicksRULz MOEEN ! 11/21/2010
nikita LOL. 11/17/2010
andres yo mama so fat not even dora can explore her TOTAL ROFLMAO 11/2/2010
Your mom Yo mama is so fat tht she got baptized at Sea World 11/2/2010
David your mama is so fat when a school bus crashed into her she said,"who threw that rock"! 11/2/2010
Caitlin Yo mamma so fat when she sat down mountain
and valleys were created
soutrik behenkelode ye sab kya hai ? gaanduuu... 10/26/2010
miley it was so funny 10/14/2010
sasha Blackbird Yo Mamma is so fat that when I ring the door bell she went to the Microwave 8/12/2010
DAADADA Thats so gay
Ur momma's glasses are so thick when she looks at a map, she can see people waving! ahahahahahah
I.C.S Yo mama so fat that when she jumped for joy, she got stuck! 7/22/2010
alena cool 6/28/2010
zach yo mama so fat when she sees a buss driving down the road she yells stoptht twinky 6/14/2010
Jamal yo mama is so fat it look like two pigs fightin over the last milk dug get at me! 6/10/2010
Tasha Mac yo mama teeth so yellow as she was walking down the street the cars slowed down! Ha... 6/10/2010
Jamal Creature yo look alien vs. predator somthing serious you need get that fixed 6/10/2010
Tasha Mac Yo mama so dumb that she brung a knife to a gunfight! 6/10/2010
Maryrilisola H. yo mama's so fat she has more chins then the chinese phonebook!-haha _ Maryrilisola Hilokiarithia 6/10/2010
sam your mamas so fat she thought a bus was a twinky 6/2/2010
michael o s yo mamma is so fat you had to roll over twice in bed with her to get out 5/27/2010
chelsea L. your mamma is soo ugly she looked out the window and got a D.U.I for mooning 5/14/2010
john your mama so fat she needs to take a bath in the ocean 5/3/2010
Tyler You mama is so fat that she made god lizzard look like a acting figure. 5/3/2010
creature plz all of stop or i will beat u down all of u i can contact 4/28/2010
asd i will let u have this one i do not mean it yo mama so stupid she looked down in the pacifec ocean to look for sponge bob 4/28/2010
john your mama so fat she had to get baptised is the pacific ocean 4/27/2010
chloe yo mama so fat she cant fit in her own jeans 4/22/2010
ava i think yo mamajokes are so cool ps write back 4/22/2010
Chaz Sanders yo mama so fat when they put her on xbox live she coverd up 3 screens 4/15/2010
Balir Conard when i woke up this morning i rolled over twice and I was still in the middle 3/19/2010
kio911 WOWWW ! tatz very FAt 3/15/2010
Elchi this is a better joke watch...yo mama so fat when she jumped on a rainbow she made Skittles!:] 3/5/2010
elchi these jokes are not funny! next time make better ones! 3/5/2010
Tyler Zamir Yo Mama so fat! and she can't even fit in the door so when she took a butter scoop around her weight side to slip in! ahahahahahhah! 2/13/2010
subbydubby shingalingling baby! 2/12/2010
$had Tha waz so not funny 2/10/2010
drew bad so unorginal 1/15/2010
isha funny! 1/14/2010
joe your mama so fat when she got on the scale it say to be contine... 12/31/2009
joe aswome joke ha ha lol lol a s s 12/31/2009
bigifresh lol that iz mad funny lol 12/23/2009
Cris your moms so fat,after sex she smokes a ham 12/22/2009
ibroxim yo momma is so fat that last year in chrismast i toook a picture of it and its still printing 12/15/2009
alex yo mama's so fat when she got into an elevator the doors couldn't close! 12/10/2009
jared your mammas so fat she jumped in the ocean and everyone screamed tsumani 12/2/2009
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