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Im dead now Ive already killed myself and others 5/6/2011
danny Interesting 12/9/2009
Human Clyde G. Spread the dish out like even more than butter even alone. Spread the life beyond your own head. Get into my head first best, and then let my soul even alone come to make it known, that yours too chose this way even before I did alone.

Travel not within one plane even alone, and pay no fee beyond the robbery. This pass I pass-on to live beyond thy very own ticket. Like Heaven best that needs only thy soul best for you to choose life in love beyond the ticket like bought best even alone.

Keep traveling into our heads first oh voice, but oh be still soul to soul so we too can come back to surprise you with joy unspeakable latter with at least some of our happiness too, to share and perhaps blend together with now for more than on the next take even alone best.
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