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Rose AMAZING! i think this is wonderful. deep and striaght to the heart. 1/16/2011
angel how nice, its a realy lovely poem :) 1/2/2011
princess true and cute 11/25/2010
Summerose i think the poem is VERY BEAUTIFUL! 2/12/2010
K B thats beautiful! 2/10/2010
mr.potter16 this is really good! 2/5/2010
Sarah-marie Dear Crying Rose,
Your poem is not just a poem but a gorgeous display of affection, please keep on writing , you have a gift that no'one could ever try to even retain. much pure Agape' love.
Letty Love it 1/23/2010
afreen heartfelt expression... 1/14/2010
puddin awww it so cute! 1/11/2010
Lola16 I love this poem. Its very emotional. 1/11/2010
suzanna I LOVE IT:) 1/9/2010
Twinky aha it was so good!
anna thsi poem is awesome i am going to write it to my boyfriend 1/1/2010
anas Nice One ... you always impress me .. 12/30/2009
writingjuice I like it, just needs polishing. Leave for a few weeks then read it again. 12/30/2009
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