Life is Too Short - Poem

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Hasienne Lets start it now why dont you come? idont mind tommorow i need to work until next week. will you come? life its too short we need to spend each others time. call me. 7/12/2012
Richella dont wait until you come back to dust then! life is too short if you dont multiply your genes. Then everything worthless, cause the penny will not melt to ashes as what we became. 6/28/2012
tia blake i love it.It reminds me of my life. 5/18/2012
Shatarra Sutton This is a very good poem! 3/1/2012
kim berly this is a great poem great job 2/29/2012
hope what a interesting poem
the good people go away first from the world and the bad people stay for a long time.
Its true
becky wow, that was really cool. you have an interesting way of putting thoughts down into a poem, this was inspiring! great job. 12/16/2011
sabrina cute 4/26/2011
Cresentmoon interesting poem. Thanks for sharing. 5/25/2010
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