Lost Emotions

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leena awsome 4/13/2011
Harry B. I have got an email, but they don't let you advertise it on here for some reason, however, if you look up harry boslem on your search, you'll get me on facebook, try going through that 12/10/2010
Mellissa do you have an email address? 12/10/2010
Mellissa well I tried but he's not giving it up that I plagerized so i guess it was a waste of my time to try and fight this. but thank you very much anyway, im sure i would've got 100% on our work if i would've asked for your permission first. Oh well lesson learned.
Your a brilliant writer, thanks for the inspiration.
borloff You can use the poem if you like, on one condition, you promise to let me know how you get on lol. I'm very much appretiative that you can use my poem in a way that is productive. Feel free to use it and good luck with your project.
Harry B.
Mellissa I used pieces of your poem in a school narrative speech I had to write and didn't explain that I found your poem online and like I said used pieces of your work and entwinded it with my own work. I decided to write about the abuse I've endured my entire life, from a child to the 20 year old woman I am now and your poem, your poem took the thoughts from my mind and inspired a master piece separte of yours. I hope you are not upset with me, since my principal and teacher called me into his office this morning and gave me a 0 for plagerism. I am truly sorry that your inspired, words stuck to me and I had to use them. I would truly and honestly appreciate it ALOT if you could email me back with permission to use your poem? I truly comprehend the emotion behind your poem Harry.
'My name is Mellissa if you could comment back as soon as possible so I could maybe still try to get marks for OUR hard work =) that would be very much appreciated!
Heather I love your poems. You're one the BEST... 7/16/2010
Marzia hussaini wow! you wrote a wonderful i really appreciate. how you wrote a brilliant peom.keep going...I am looking forward... 6/13/2010
soph This is amazing :) i can totally relate xx 6/6/2010
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