Best Guitarists of all Time

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Eviljuju No mention of Buckethead? If you don't know, then you DON'T know... 2/11/2014
DeDaav Brian May? 1/8/2011
Rolland Where is Tom Morello? 12/10/2010
sd where is cliff burton? kirk hammett..? 10/20/2010
M ari I think Devin Townsend and Robert Fripp should be on the list! 9/28/2010
randy u forgot kurt cobain 8/12/2010
whereisclaypool ummm, where is Les Claypool on the bassist list? he should be at number 1. 7/29/2010
Britta Where is Carlos Santana on this list? He should be in the top ... 7/24/2010
James yeah there all good but the best of them all is not even in the list Randy Rhodes is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be 6/24/2010
Chandler Frank Zappa 6/20/2010
Troy I realize that this list is opinion based, and everyone is going to have a different take that said. The list should have Jimmy Page, and Tony Iommi on it. Mos of the guys you have listed probably wouldn't even be playing guitar if it wasn't for the influence of these 2 legends just food for thought. 6/17/2010
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