the K Chronicles: "Why the President's Approval Rating is so High"

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Matthew Wow, people like Greg scare me. Not because they are right leaning, but because such stupid violent tendencies are not being bred out of the species. I mean damn, people like this act closer to primates than human with all the show and screaming and all. Sad. 6/13/2003
Atta RAC! It's me!! I add a comment in almost every cartoon. THIS one is smashing!! 6/2/2003
PABLO It's funny, but depressingly true. 5/22/2003
Dante the Scrub
Hi - I know Keith and he'd be proud to read the dribble posted by GREG.

G.W.'s idiocy has to be funny -- it's the only way to survive it. He's a scary-stupid guy.

tasha have to go now bye!!!!!! 5/21/2003
tasha helloooooooooooo 5/21/2003
tasha good drawings 5/21/2003
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