Hope Against Hope!

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Jelhon May the best men win. I hate to hurt anyone too! cause, i believed in GOLDEN RULE. 11/28/2012
Nobley You got my words i need your action then,that was it, for enough exageration. 11/28/2012
Patti My heart is breaking, and this poem captures everything I am feeling and experiencing... 8/2/2012
nilofar i liked this alot 6/25/2012
dina admirable, wonderful, aesthetically appealing, well done, appealing, superior, artistic, sublime, attractive, splendid, bonny, smashing, choice, radiant, delightful, proper, endowed with beauty, pleasing, exquisite, personable, fair, ornamental, first-rate, magnificent, glorious, incomparable, gorgeous, hear, grackle, handsome, graceful, heavy, good-looking, lovely, flower like, of consummate art, fine, painterly, eye-filling, pleasant, excellent, pretty, elegant, pulchritudinous, comely, resplendent, charming, spectacular, beauteous, stunning, arty, superb, art-conscious, tasteful, alluring, well-favored, aesthetic

some of you don't even know what the words mean
if you don't, sorry
cindy This is exactly what I'm fEeling and going through...life is tough 2/8/2012
evance r i like this 1/22/2012
John hopkins Lucky always loved ur better were u r and we only wanted the best for you 1/6/2012
angel of tears i love it i dont know what to say but i love it so perfect so beautiful 7/28/2011
Imran Bashir i need some sad thoughts so that i can send msg to my love 6/17/2011
John Mulenga pretty hurting fate 2/15/2011
sakura so beautiful! 1/20/2011
A fan Great piece of poetry. .very touching. . 1/8/2011
alisha yeah...thats y some secrets arent meant to be kept... 11/23/2010
Shekhar Great innocent thought ! 10/1/2010
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