the K Chronicles: "More BU**SH**!!"

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Robert W-S KH - no, you can disagree with me without being some kind of idiot.
However, you disagree with me _and _ you're an idiot.
In a time when well-paid pundits can publicly claim that liberalism is a symptom of hatred for America, and evidence of a desire for the 'terrorists' to 'win', I really can't see KChronicles as anything other than a much-needed alternative. But of course, since you're _right_, you don't see any need for alternative points of view.
Keith Hater Your so mean, I don't want to play with you any more. If I don't agree with you I must be some kind of idiot. So why don't you go back in your little hole and shut up. 3/12/2004
Will Moore Um.... I know you are but what am I? And... I'm rubber, you glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.
Btw, I don't particularly like Kerry. I'm not even liberal, I'm libertarian. You see, there's more to politics than just black & white, but of course I wouldn't expect you to understand that. You probably don't even know the first thing about socialism. I'm surprised you even know how to operate a computer.
Keith Hater Nice comeback Willy, you've really hurt my feelings now. I guess I'll become a liberal socialist too so we can all get along. Hail Kerry, Hail Kerry!! 3/11/2004
Will Moore Ouch, searing wit. 3/10/2004
Me SOrry to rattle your trailer, billybob, but the comic speaks the truth 3/10/2004
Will Moore "Keith Hater" is just another typical example of the staggering ingorance commonly found among conservative ilk. Seriously, *are* there any intelligent conservatives anywhere? 3/10/2004
Keith Hater More crap from the blabbering idiot, Keith Knight. He has no clue in his little liberal love nest. Kerry's going to do better??? HA HA 3/9/2004
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