Death Poem

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Brookee Elliie Thats awesome! , but short :( 9/11/2011
Ashez thank you 6/1/2011
christel very well written 5/31/2011
Ashez lmao jessie you made my day 4/20/2011
jessie i think you need help kid 4/17/2011
Dead Undead I think you meant "No one knows" instead of "Know one knows".
Poem is good :D
ness i really lik this poem its good (: 3/4/2011
Makayla McCray i think that you should write a whole book foll of just ur poems ttyl 3/3/2011
makayla mccray i think this peom is wicked! 3/3/2011
DEENA GOOD...n emotional f the true fact n our lyf...which s also face by one fine each N every one... 2/2/2011
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