The Absaroke Indians of America

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Ken Isbell Have a great grandmother who was a Crow. Very tall graceful and stern person of great beauty and fierce will. She ran off to Canada with a white man as her family wouldn't accept him. (Not son in law material I guess.) Imagine their surprise when they found difficulty in getting married in Canada. She liked little boys and treated me very nicely. 3/3/2014
dreamcatcherask did they use dream catchers?
i have made one for my homework but dont no if they use one! :-)
Nadiana This was a very helpful article.
Thank you :)
Tammy Rainier thanks for the added info. 11/2/2008
Art Giles HI I like this but there is one thing I would like to know is what triabe camped or hunted by Bruce Creek and Granite creeks in the Big Horn Mountains?
I have found very old items of Indian beads and a grinding stone.
The stone is a large as a car hood.
PEPE oh yea gran idea todo el verano sin pagar que idea gran idea todo el verano con movistar 4/11/2008
pepe es muy interesante este articulo sobre estos pueblos, he tenido que hacer un trabajo sobre una tribu y he elegido a los Absaroke por que es una tribu muy interesante, sus costumbres, y todos sus movimientos, su historia, es sensacional, ya que he sacado un 10 gracias a esto !!! GRACIAS WAPA 4/11/2008
Sydney Betts I have conducted much research on the "Crow" Indians and was please that your site added to my store of information. 9/3/2006
Jill Factually incorrect article in numerous points. 12/24/2005
Severina I like all indians!!!!!!!! 7/3/2004
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