the K Chronicles: "Good ol' Ronnie Reagan"

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Robert Never have I been so glad to not watch television news. The Onion had a piece on 'Work almost completed on Reagan Pyramid" that was pretty apt.

On the plus side, when certain people (e.g., Ted Rall, Michael Moore) dared to profane the occasion by criticizing Pharoah, we saw rightists clamoring 'Despite what you thought of him while alive, you MUST respect a president in death!" And we can remind them of that when Clinton kicks. Heh.
Calista Great Cartoon. Reagan was a
disaster. I never thought we were going to make it through
all those funderal activities.
That week just dragged on and on. It was a disgrace.
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Sarah vG Oh man that's awesome!!
If anyone thinks that the U.S. "won" the cold war, then they need a reality check. Russia was just sick of it. Lucky for Reagan, he was in office at the time... Thank you, The Great Communicator! ha
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