Precious Gift

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Neha Deshmukh Superb! Simplicity is the key it seems! Keep it up! 7/1/2011
Sweetness That's awesome well I really like your poems they are good:) 6/12/2011
Harry Boslem Hi Sweetness, this poem was based on a song I was listening to, although it is mostly my imagination. But I noticed you commented on another poem, that one was based on real events. I was thinking of that one when I wrote this, so I suppose some of it could be said to be based, more loosely on the same thing. Thanks for your comments, they are very much appretiated 6/9/2011
Sweetness Can I ask you this question! I'm really curious: what inspired this poem? Was it something that happened or is it just your imagination? 6/8/2011
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