I Live for You and Only You...

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Myrna How i wish me and my boyfriend the same way too. 12/12/2012
fiker yohannes nice to me 11/28/2012
jazzy i love it .it sons like me and my boyfriend rocky his mom and my mom hates each other so they told us we could not date. but he did not care so know we r seeing each other ever day so i love this poem 11/20/2012
Ajileyenirany Nice poem.I can feel it 11/2/2012
asmeorm nine 6/27/2012
Ashwani Excellent is the word 6/17/2012
honelyn awesome! seems like the song, "For your eyes only" love it. 6/14/2012
Botcherry Wow! sweetic, fantastic feeling sugary better be a honey cause it will melt away. good job! 6/13/2012
Jhanelene Kate sweet! love is like a glossary,it is full of mystery... 3/19/2012
Novic Mbanga I lyk the wrds used n it tells the situation im into nw..may God gve u mch mre than the knowledge u hve nw.u ar a great poet! 3/12/2012
supremo reading dis poem i realized that "all bad poetry springs from genuine feelings" keep it up man...rly loved it... 3/7/2012
Ashit Rao Awesome poem, brother! Keep it up! Kudos! 1/12/2012
betty norrica truly it sound from deep within the heart...so sweet,lol:) 10/1/2011
garnett the poem could use more devotion i understand they live for eachother but what would they do for one another 9/30/2011
jay sound like me and my man ... 8/21/2011
joyce this is so me and my man it was 30 years ago he was in geremany in the army and i was in high school i know i loved him with all my heart some way we lost contact so he had his aunt to find me and she did i know that i am looving for love and a good huesband and that is just what he wanted to get married its just so strange i never stoped looking for this man we will see only god knowes ... 8/21/2011
Nilesh S Excellent one...liked d last stanza... 8/16/2011
Meenakshi Hey nice one ya:) 8/15/2011
Azmin Lovely Composition! 8/15/2011
Batul A sweet thought.. 8/15/2011
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