A Cruel Dream

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invisible acting as if it was a drem was very clever on your part, i like the idea you went with in being it real life and yet acting as if it was a dream. it was a great poem keep up with the good poetry 5/4/2012
To Jubba I don't come up with this, It just comes to me. Signed, the author 1/23/2012
Jubba I loved it! its sooo good how do you come up with stuff like that? 1/17/2012
whisper in the this a really good poem i like how you make it seem like a dream but in the end it is the real thing keep up the good work dude 12/27/2011
synthia i love it 11/3/2011
Xavier Russell your mind is so clever 10/14/2011
prithvi nyc one...infact me too olso write poemzzzzzzz 10/10/2011
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