Here I Am

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Scotti Knows That comment was for You Becky Bowers : ) 2/20/2012
Scotti Knows Thanks for your feedback on all I have published so far. You put a smile on my face with your comments. 2/20/2012
becky definetly, better than average. how could someone think it's any less? you have talent, and a lot of it too! soo well put. it's true, if you don't accept your self and know what your worth, then who else will? great poem. keep writing I can't wait to read more from you! oh, and could you please read some of my poems? their no where near as good as yours! but if you have time or don't mind... my buzzle name is becky bowers. thanks. and PLZ don't give up writing! your works are so inspiring! 2/14/2012
lena I really like this is there more by this writer? 10/25/2011
Arvind Average 9/26/2011
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