Death's Lullaby

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Ba Be This is lovely. I really want to use it for a fic, I'm making. I'll totally link you and everything but this is too amazing! 9/12/2015
Tenielle This is an amazing poem. 6/24/2012
Shinigami-chan Youtube: Dying After You-Death´s Lullaby

I have use it for my song,please don´t worry but this poem is wonderful *_* ..
mckayla i really like it, it is really ture 10/7/2011
Dream Walker Thank You for all your wonderful comments! :) 10/5/2011
jacop s it madew me cry 10/3/2011
Carl Stevens Yeahh i totally agree, its like the saying of my life! 10/3/2011
Blahh Lahh Thats a realy beast thang right there! i heart it! 10/3/2011
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