Together as One - Chapter 1

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ria i luv it already
plz dont stop writing not matter wat
and post soon
Kyshia Wow looking forward what is in this story...
Since they start happily.
I read all chap of winning hearts.
It so nice...
PH OH MY GODDDDD! Sammer u are the BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD! I wz sooo happy when i saw that u had posted Together As One... But u don't know how happy i was when i saw that it was the sequel to Winning Hearts! IT MADE MY DAYYY! i still cant believe it! u are by far THE BEST AUTHOR EVER! i have 3 stories of yours to look forward to! =) plz post soon! and make the chapters long ;) again, thanks SOO much :) post soon.. take care :) 10/19/2011
Lucy Wow... I am clapping happily... You posted a sequel for Mark and Vanessa... I love it.. Write more. 10/19/2011
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