Paths - Chapter 3

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Nancy Nice.. Good going 7/11/2012
Alyssa Oh my! What a wonderful twist! 6/16/2012
Ashley R. I hate this moment. When your addicted into the story & then u get to the final chapter because the author hasn't written anymore. Worst part about reading. BUT I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT! 4/22/2012
Bananagirl Hey the story is progressing nicely. Cant wait to see what happens. So far the story is fine from a british point of view. 4/22/2012
Kyshia I like your story...
Good to know the member of the and likes Taylor.
Please post soon
Rosella taylor your stories are always so perfecfect and beautiful 4/21/2012
GummiBear I love this story, its the best ive een on this website, cant wait till the next chapter! 4/21/2012
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