Together as One - Chapter 14

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Aashna AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! The chapter was an absolute pleasure to read! So much love, passion, happiness, and sweetness. An absolute fairytale. Sammer how do you do it? Gosh! I just want to keep praising you, but no words can describe your writing. I just feel like giving you a hug right now. Haha
You know I can only imagine that a person who can fill there stories with so much love, passion and sweetness, how sweet that person must be in real life. Love you sweety :D
P.S. don 't EVER think that I'll ever stop reading your stories.
There may be a time, that I'll get so busy that i'll stop reading other people's stories, there may be a time that i'll get so busy that I'll forget to reply to people's texts, there may be a time that I'll get so busy that I'll stop checking my emails and replying to them, there may even be a time when I'll stop writing stories myself, but there NEVER will be a time Sammer, when I WON'T have the time to read your stories. Take Care :D
LJ Really really REALLY great. Im speechless. 4/26/2012
Nicole Fabulous! 4/26/2012
Tee Soo GOOD! 4/26/2012
Mari Wow. This chapter is beyond words. But please dont let the next chapter be tooo tragic. And please please dont break any couples up. Becaise this story is becoming really really great. You know, i hope you bring Nick back at one point in the story. I wanna see what happens(: And I really liked that you made this chapter so long. It was totally worth the wait! Please post soon 4/26/2012
Macy Yu know what i was thinking after i finished reading this chapter? That there is absolutely no author as good as yu Sammer. NO ONE can beat yu. Yur writing is simply amazing. Too good to be true. And I have been reading for as long as I can remember, and I have never ever come across stories as good as yurs. I dont wanna jinx yu, so may God bless yu, Sammer and keep up the fabulous work. Do good in yur exams and please post asap. Thanks.=) 4/25/2012
Priya I have never read anything as amazing as this before. Please post soon & thanks soo much for making the chap long..everyone in this story is amazing! 4/25/2012
Charise THE best chapter yet... 4/25/2012
Queenie Wish you SUCCESS in ur exams. 4/24/2012
Queenie Sammer, pls just keep dis romance going. I don't want any breakup of any kind, no death for anyone. Just LOVE, ROMANCE HUGGING KISSING,LAUGHTER nd HAPPINESS. Ho, i won't forget to comment on the kids, they are both cute nd lovely. Mhwee. Hungary for more pls. 4/24/2012
PH OMG THIS IS BEYOND AMAZING! The best chapter in this story..its great. The chapters just keep getting better and better. It's really really good. Im soo happy tht Andrew and Lucy kissed, Andrew iss soo sweet!:') and the kids are just adorable. I love them so much. And Brian too is sweet :) . But Sammer, what was that abt hating yu next chap?! I know, i just KNOW tht next chapter is gonna be a drama or a tragedy. Or maybe even both. But whatever yu do, plz dont break any of the three wonderful coupLes=) And please try your best to post as sooon as possible. Thank Yu! :D 4/24/2012
may june july Sammey first of all i get what u mean now! Abt andrew! I love u so much and i LOVED THIS CHAPTER ALOOT everyone was so sweet and cute. I wish u post the other chapter up quickly i wanna see more of this lovey dovey :) omg ur stories are just so amazing and i love reading them aloot coz they make my day i swear. Ur just a great writer i love ur stories there all amazing. Keep in mind that am always reading and mever think of it being ur last story plz
love u xo
ria i luv it!
why would we ha te u in the next chapter? oh plz dont tell me something bad is going to happen!
OmgTooCute Hahaha yes, ME lol its soo cutee. I thought luce and andrew were gonna kiss when they said zero but having the kids around..hahaha and omg andrew is just, hes just SOO cute! So is brian omg im dead. Soo cute. I love andrew he's so sweet with the kids and they love him. I love you! Xx
- H xo
Lucy Wow, love and love and love everywhere... But what was that at the end? You are going to add some twist now. Are not you? Whatever you do, just don't make anybody die or something. I dunno what twist you might bring, hell, I am afraid you might bring back Nick or even Tristan, or u might make a big fight or something. But no death, please! Please Please. You see, Andrew is too sweet and Lucy is so .. so like a girl every boy would want. Is not it? They clearly represent Mark and Vanessa. :) I love the couple. And Tory and Brian, there goes some matured love. And I like it also. But Mark and Vanessa on holiday? I want them back. They are the lucky charms in every one's life. Is not it? 4/23/2012
Sammer I hope it goes without saying that I need 15 comments :) ENJOY! 4/23/2012
Appy hey this is the first time i am commenting on your stories but trust me you are an amazing writer! you keep a balance of all the emotions in your writing and it tugs at anyone's heart who reads them ! i read your other stories DROWN ME IN LOVE and WINNING HEARTS too.. and Drown me in ? OMG! i read it so many times that i remember every word of it! Can't wait to see more of your work 4/23/2012
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