Sun's Message of Hope

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Mohammed Hamza Spare a moment, pen a comment...Wow how nice poem l like it im living it 8/20/2016
Gagandeep Wasu It's beautifully written, Tanya's certainly put in a lot of thought and energy to it! Kudos 5/12/2012
Daisy Beautifully composed :):) 5/12/2012
Anu-Arvind Beautiful words.. we are sure we will hear a lot more beautiful compositions from you... 5/11/2012
Eppie Nice poem and photograph! 5/11/2012
Rae Ronquillo Beauty blooming in your mind and words flowing from soul on to the page...very wonderful poem dear sweet Tanya! 5/11/2012
Dilawari This is so sweet :) 5/11/2012
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