Paths - Chapter 9

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Alyssa I hope you continue this! 6/16/2012
Jacki Keep going! i'm hoping for more cute moments with Elliot and Taylor, but it is SO GOOD! Post ASAP!:D 5/28/2012
Taryn O MY GOSH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Love this story, kinda obsessed! Please keep writing and quickly as you can!(: 5/24/2012
purple duuuude :P 5/23/2012
Cocoa very nice! 5/23/2012
Ashley I like where the story's going! I was disappointed at first when there weren't more chapters but that quickly changed when I saw Ch. 9 posted. The only thing I would like to see more of is Taylor and Elliot's relationship. But, overall, great job! 5/23/2012
MONALICA Hey good this story is becoming interesting... keep on writing 5/23/2012
Melody Okay I absolutely LOVE this story...please..PLEASE write soon I want to know what's gonna happen... So please write soon!:) 5/23/2012
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