The Tears That You Cry

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srishty nice 4/5/2016
Attention S I still read your poem to this day. It's so perfect and it's my fav. 9/15/2015
Attention S Hey... it's 2014 and I've finally found you again. The first time I've read this poem, I was astounded by your poetic skills and the successful imagery that you've spun with your majestic, romantic words. So when I came across this poem again, I was surprised to still feel my heart flutter. You, sir, are very talented and I deeply regret telling you this now than before. But, hey, at least 'later than never', right? :) 12/15/2014
Beautiful Beautiful poem! Beautifully written! Beautiful said! WELL DONE YOU! 8/13/2012
Gauri Beautiful poem! 7/4/2012
Stephanie C Beautiful...just...beautiful.
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