Say Goodbye... How?

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Am not leaving you out of hate
My stay , it's out of date
I love you in all faith
But leave you to find daily bread
I assure you I will stay with you
Until separated by death
Some says love as end
But mine increase day by day
Life isn't easy without money
Am there to find that honey
Don't Let distance ruin our love
Even if I can't fly like a dove
Distance can't kill my love
I love You dear wife
You're all I have in my life
Bye am leaving now
by kulayo mohamednoor
Cheyflkfjalkjfk This is good. I love the way you write. Truly fabulous! Love it. ASO dslfjaklvnhakj df, asdf 1/29/2013
mylene lijauco one of the hardest word to say..really is...goodbye... 7/17/2012
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