Tarnished - Chapter 13

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Graceanna Thanks so much for using my name! I'm quite honored, even if the character isn't the kindest. :) 9/7/2012
gaga OMG!Korbin? 9/5/2012
unzel:) hey really good chapter i think this is an awesome story and please do finish writing it coz i just love it and can you comment back! and post soon! 9/4/2012
neno am in love with this story pliz post soon am dying of suspense 9/4/2012
beauty oh my! i think i will go crazy over thinking what's gonna happen next.what a cruel way to treat a wife who loves her man that much.i wish she hurts him in the end much more than he hurted her.anyways this is one amazing story and I'm sure m gonna have dreams of this every night until you post the next soon
please please please post real soon.m practically begging at your feet
Lucy Oh my, now that was a lot of information in this chapter. Till now I never knew Korbin was going to get killed. And is this why Vi is in jail? I mean I am oh so confused right now. Along with the old questions, you just successfully added some new. And what is exactly going on in Korbin's mind? He, to me, seems out of his mind. But his father could talk some sense to him, I knew it. Even if he didn't admit, he knew what his father told was truth. Korbin is a big question to me right now? And I am waiting for the coming chapters to answer my questions. Thanks for liking my stories as well. Do write soon. 9/4/2012
Cassidy It was awesome, Im a little confused but its better. Please continue? 9/3/2012
Sasha Yay! 12 IS a lucky number after all :) I think Korbin likes seeing people in pain...why in the world would he do such an awful thing like rubbing his other love in Viola's face? Your welcome, I do love it when you reply XD And I did, thank you! Phenominall, as always. 9/3/2012
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