Revenge is Best Served Cold... Right? - Chapter 11

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Olivia p.s. Jacob iza hottie ^_^ 12/20/2012
Olivia Nice story *Aisha* lolololol its me Olivia and i totally just read ur *intire story* so there! Its actually pretty good :)))) wanna read mine? txt me
Keep up the good work...
Aahana kiut oh! i'm really loving this story. I like the cute relationship b/w Jay n Jacob n now i think he is not such a jerk... 12/18/2012
rage itainic Ya don't need to ask if you must stop, cuz you're simply amazing! And plz keep up the lyrics to make it more detailed. 12/17/2012
haha111 I miss Nathan since isn't Justice gonna fall for him? Jacob is so flirty but I prefer Justice fall for own option. Love ya story! :) 12/17/2012
Karen P I read all the chapters just now, and i found it interesting so please stop asking if u need to stop or not.. :D cause i noticed it for every chapter, so pls just keep it up, keep all the up coming chapters going.. :) if u want a motivator then just put some more spice on the story and i miss nath :) i thought at first justice will fall for nath and seems nath doesnt give attention to liby.. but then something is up to them now.. and then, justice is a bit odd, sometimes she act that she like jacob then suddenly she will back off, though she admit she love him that soon.. its just justice actions contradict her own words the way she act in front of jake.. :P I'm looking forward for some more.. thank you.. and i like ur story so far.. :) 12/15/2012
Selena Please do carry on I really love it n u may not have many comments but it's probs just cuz people can't be bothered 12/14/2012
Honey The story is really good! Loved it!:)
but, um could u skip the lyrics of the songs please!:) Keep it up
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