Happy New Year

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Harry Boslem Hi Alana, are we aquainted in any way? Anyhow, thank you for the comment, it is very much appretiated. And a very happy new year to you too, and to all my readers and friends.
Dipak, the poem is about a guy who is looking back on his wasted years of ego filled drunken selfishness, and his reminisces of the one and only true love, lost through said selfish antics.
Alana A dark love poet. You wrote on all and every niche that thrills us. No one can catch you in the race of scary stories. Happy New Year... Borloff... hats off (I knew it's your nick name:). 12/29/2012
Dipak Jagtap Is this a new year greeting or a complaint of broken heart that cant be consoled excrpt the comfort of another heart? 12/27/2012
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