Tarnished - Chapter 53

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Korb Ams.. We missed you. Lonf tym no c :( Happy to see that u posted this one.. Pls keep posting. Dont make us wait :-( 1/18/2013
Maggie cyrus Hey Ams, i really waited for the next chapters that i had almost concluded that u wouldn't write anymore. Anyways if it was me i would stab the golddigger to death coz i think she messes everything 4 everyone. Lol 1/18/2013
Tamika Oops never mind on why Korbin was pacing...I re-read chapter 52. He said he had to come up with a reason or statement as to why he was beaten up at the party. So no good vs bad Korbin meeting there. But you know something still isn't right...now that think about it why did he let her get that close to him...it was almost as if he was a) going to let her do it?, b) he was waiting for someone to see her do it?, or c) he knew someone was watching them, but he didn't know how it was...maybe he was hoping for his father to see, but it was Viola instead...oh well on to the next chapter it is... 1/18/2013
Tamika HEY AMS! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! I AM ON CLOUD 9 RIGHT NOW TO SEE YOU BACK! (oops, sorry for yelling but I missed you girl!) So excited to see that you worked everything out and are back if only for a little while. Yes, I do believe we have all had that moment and with the way things are going in the world, it is easier than ever to have those types of feelings. But you are working through it and I am sure that writing will help...lol...but seriously take any and as much time as you need for you, you deserve it!

Now for this chapter...of course I love it! I really do hope that her husband heard and saw her this time. He has been "under her spell" for long enough, but I have a feeling that he did not see what he really needed to. This woman is a real piece of work! I have never seen or heard of a woman acting this desperately for a man that doesn't want her. I mean we as women as all the time, "No means no", but I never would have imagined that a man would need to use it as well. She near about raped Korbin in his own living room. Anyone could have walked in or over heard them, look at Vi, she heard and she was probably just going to use the bathroom or something. The gold digger has balls, I'll give her that, but will it be enough to get what she wants?

You I will not say 'Poor Viola' this time. I can't. I know her emotional state of mind is very jumbled and confused, but I did not like the fact that she gacpve herself to him to begin with. I mean he has done nothing, but abused her in every form necessary and to give him her heart one last time, was not a healthy choice for her right now. I understand that she wanted for just in night or moment to believe him, but Vi, he has been letting you down so much lately why step out of that limb again? I know what you are going to say, "did he really let her down or did he just save her from the gold digger?" yep, I can hear you now...lol...on that question, I am. It really sure, but I feel that she may have been able to avoid the drama, if she had held her position and not have given into him.

I am startling to become concerned now with Korbin's mental mind set as well. Last chapter, he had just resolved himself to love her and do better. He closed the door walked downstairs and then started pacing in a circle...was he thinking of how to do better or was he battling his mind for control?...good Korbin wants to stop the madness, but bad Korbin is having too much fun destroying Vi...making her pay for some unknown something...then in walks crazy girl and bad Korbin is back in control.

These are truly some mental people...all of them! No wonder Viola is slipping, you can not live in an asylum and not start to act like those around you. I would be crazy too! Heck I am thinking that jail was Viola's way out of the madness. Look at her now, she has confidence and friends and she is wrapping her mind around her downward spiral. I think that she either knows what happened to Korbin or she will figure it out as she continues to think back...this is a detective story and while Viola is the main character, she also has to solve the crime to redeem/free herself...Cool, how do you like that tagline for Lifetime Original Movies...LOL!

Okay I will stop there, that should give you plenty of reading for later today...lol! Again so glad you are back and don't ever hesitate to take time for yourself, I will definitely be missing you, but I understand. We all need "me time" from time to time. Plus, your brain has to be fried writing about crazy Korbin...lol! Love you! Smooches! MUAH!
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