Baby, I Need You

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yo gotti I still love u and iam sorry to 12/8/2013
jade Love is like a morrior
You can fit the broken pieces
But the crack remains
Love is like a wave in the ocean
When one flows back another comes in the shore
Love is the one thing you never want to lose
Because it touchs us once and last a lifetime
jade That's a touch of heart 11/1/2013
Nevada Jackson You say life is all about hits and misses tears and kisses the ones that you place on my cheek and let drop down my face.the hurt that you put in my heart but then try to cover it up with a woman umbrace.but sometimes baby that touch gets old.that lean on my shoulder baby I'm sorry old,that come closer let me rub your head as you mess my cologne old,that look in the mirror and see the black eye I gave you old. 4/17/2013
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