Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 9

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Soul Searcher POST soon! 5/11/2013
rohan again awesome chapter...i m jst goin crazy... v much egar to know what carson did...plz post next chapter as soon as u can...:) :) 3/16/2013
Tushar So...the suspense continues :) it's goin' great ! Desperate for the next chapter. 3/15/2013
Maggie Cyrus Hey Lucy this story is leavin me with lots of suspense... Pliz write more coz I wanna know what Carson did... Nice story and write more chapters 3/13/2013
Anne I feel bad for Carson.. 3/13/2013
Smilesss I am actually wondering what his past is and hw is Lindsay connected to it! 3/13/2013
Honey Finally after a long wait...
OK. So starting with Carson... you still have not posted his pic.. too bad Lucy..
Anyways this chapter too is awesome as the previous.. and hope that you too are good now..
Finally, Carson is coping up with building up new relation.. good to know and..
waiting for the next post :)
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