The Betting Game - Chapter Eight

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Sphynx I love this story; please don't stop writing because you're very talented and I want to keep reading more. Please post soon. 6/24/2013
MOON hey i liked ur story so far so keep posting it... 6/24/2013
Kudu its a nice story...
Plx keep writing ...
I wanna read mor///...
Melinda Another great chapter! I can't wait until the next chapter is posted! Please post again soon, this story is one of my favorites on here, you're a great writer, so keep up the great work! 6/22/2013
shiny hey...i love ur story...plz don't stop writing n post the next chapter soon... 6/22/2013
modesty this chp was pretty good... post soon 6/22/2013
BriBri I think Tyler and Nick both like her... :D 6/21/2013
Alexa Jealousy: nick vs Tyler, I love it! It always makes stories really interesting, thanks for posting, I love your writing!:) 6/20/2013
aya nice story line...please try to post until the story ends.. 6/20/2013
lily The story is becoming very starting to fall in love with it.cheers!btw i like tyler. 6/20/2013
Maha Come on faith! See the amount of votes you got! almost 100+ All are having a great time reading your story.. Beleive you just make it amazing! Too good :-) Keep posting! waiting to read your next chapter :-) 6/20/2013
Gina Mitchell OMG! Wish the chapters were longer!:D i love the suspense of nick nd tyler hope to read more soon! 6/19/2013
Kyshia I like tyler and mia, but i also like nick to be near with mia so that tyler will get jealous.LOL.
Super like your story
Mar Wow I love this story! Especially Tyler! Please keep posting! 6/19/2013
Alicia I absolutely love your story and can't wait for the next chapter. I honestly look at buzzle every day to see if you've posted more. Keep up your writing, you're really good :) 6/19/2013
Parina I love your story I don't know why u would think people would critise you at all.. Lol I am liking this whole tutoring thing. And haha the thing between nick and Tyler. Tht is jokes... Post soon I wld b waiting. 6/19/2013
Mrblobby Love 6/19/2013
abhi Hey sorry for late comment.. I didn't cos I had my exams.. I m becoming addicted to this story day by day. Love this jealousy between tyler nd nick. Post the next chapter soon. Waiting. :) 6/19/2013
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