The Betting Game - Chapter Fourteen

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Kudu the story bring backs memories so i like 2 read it...
Keep writing
jst lov it...
kyshia Nice, i like it really 7/26/2013
Krazycutie Keep on writing. Amazing story line and i simply can't wait 2 see the next chapter cos there are so many things runnin through my mind..'is he gonna find out dat his meetin with Mia was as a result of a bet nd then think she is faking watever feelin she has or is he gonna think dat their meetin waz by accident?' 7/24/2013
shiny another amazing are doing a wonderful job...keep posting as soon as you can :) 7/24/2013
Believe in me. You don't really need to add photos. Come on, I can easily imagine. Tyler with his 'funny' joke - Mia is a virgin. Though, I laughed when Mia yelled and screamed at Ty. If Ty is real, then I would really want him by my side. He's so cute. Tanner is just a kid, yet he's just like Ty. Gosh. :D 7/23/2013
BriBri Awe! Tanner thought Tyler was going to marry Mia! That's so cute! I can't really think of what actor I see Tyler as or what actress I see Mia as at the moment. My mind's blank... 7/23/2013
carolin I think your Story is truly amazing.
I've been reading only love stories for some time now,
but I've never ever read such a good one ... really!
I just hope you'll give both Tyler and Mia the Happy Ending they deserve, because
sometimes Life is too cruel to gift us with the things we want most, but in stories
we can create all the happy endings we ever wished for ourselves.

Keep on writing, Girl.
I saw Talent on every page you wrote so far. Good Job and thumbs up!
Shanu No no no plz... Dnt let ty n mia seperate :( 7/23/2013
Melinda Awesome! Another great chapter! Can't wait for the next! And the one person that comes to my mind when I think of Mia is Emma Roberts. 7/23/2013
Bananagirl Keep on writing. I can't wait for the next chapter. 7/23/2013
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