Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Eleven

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bookluver78 My goodness, im starting to think that jeremy is some kind of enigma because of his actions. Maybe he should open up some more so that she wouldnt feel the need to judge him. I really like the way that you write your story, it seems as though you are the only one who can understand the complexity of a young woman's mind when you write about brookie and her thoughts. God knows I cant understand. oh and the part where they go discing is a really sweet part. ANYWAY, keep updating. 5/16/2014
Maggiem227 Omg! this chapter was great! I'm soo ready for the next one. I have literally gone on this website every day checking for new chapters! I'm in love! You seriously need to make this into a for real book. 5/16/2014
Chrystina J I read this chapter and it instantly drew me back to a previous relationship (that's a good thing i promise). As a Buzzle author myself i know how much it means to comment so even if it's just a 'waiting for next chapter', ill faithful read what you have to write. Sincerely CJT 5/15/2014
Zelia Shame I feel for Brookie coz now her minds like over thinking and she's negative but he should have like kept quiet haha Boys haha... But I really liked this chapter its good coz then its not so predictible. I can't wait for the next chapter 5/15/2014
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