Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Twenty

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Laurial Amazing! I loved this chapter! -Atlanta,Georgia, USA 7/25/2014
Emma Just to point out, under where it says "Chapter Twenty" it says "Jeremy goes to dinner with Brookie's family". Is this a mistake? 7/22/2014
Emma Oh, I almost forgot, I'm from NSW Australia! I was born here but my moms side is Scottish and my dads side is just Australian. 7/22/2014
Emma Its my pleasure! I'm glad you're posting again too, you're an amazing author. This chapter was so amazing, I love it! I'm actually getting quite emotional and tearing up. Definitely my favourite chapter so far. I get so happy when I see a new chapter posted. I'm glad you take your time with them. I also have come to realise that it's a good thing that you take a while to post because it makes it all last longer and an occasion! If Christmas was everyday, it wouldn't be special anymore, and I guess neither would the story, you know what I mean? :) 7/22/2014
Chrystina J Liiiked the chapter, still hate Tyler. I live in VA but still consider myself a GA native. Please don't take so long to post 21. PLEASE 7/22/2014
bookluver78 I hate jack right now. He just seriously ruined the moment. I was really getting into the part where they were about to kiss and this guy has to ruin it. *sighs heavily* people these days [teehee] Also i have the strong urge to beat up tyler. This was great chapter, keep updating. [p.s. im from New Jersey] 7/22/2014
Miha This was one of the best chapter's I have read! Finally, Jeremy and Brookie together:) Every chapter you write makes me look forward to the upcoming chapters. Keep it up:)!
BTW...i'm from Pakistan but have lived in Canada since basically all my life.
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