A Third Chance at First Love - Chapter Seventeen

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April Update PLEASE! I'm dying to read more 4/14/2015
Fan Keep it coming. post soon! 3/30/2015
Amelia Beautifully written! 3/26/2015
Vampire I love your story! Keep up the good work :) 3/21/2015
Butterfly Next update. Please. I'm dying to know what will happen next. 3/19/2015
Mary I'm obsessed with the story. 3/19/2015
Jasmine I'm very exited for the next few chapters! 3/19/2015
Martha Wow! Lovely story, thumb up 3/18/2015
. Next Chapter 3/18/2015
Amy love it keep going 3/18/2015
Ceres Erigo Thank you for reading this chapter. I have actually just edited a few minor details, so feel free to read it once more. 3/18/2015
Fan My favorite stories in Ibuzzle! Best stories ever! 3/17/2015
Butterfly These two chapters make my day! I couldn't stop giggling when Erin saw Derek... I was so excited, I almost jump out of my seat. I felt relief when I found out that Derek doesn't choose to forget about her, I was wrong, sorry. Amazing, amazing story, please post another chapter soon. 3/17/2015
Amy CUTE...Cute...cute...cute...cute 3/17/2015
Kristen They are so cute together 3/17/2015
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