Fix'd - Chapter 1

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Collinscox Please do continue i really like your piece. 7/21/2015
Jasmine Charms Interesting story plot. I like the female character in this story (which is usually hard for me to do). I like how she doesn't help people for the sake of 'feeling better' - but that she actually has a purpose. Moreover, the concept of the jock using steroids is a nice twist. It does mostly happen with athletes but writers sometimes to fail to include this (as they want their jock to be naturally built *eyeroll*). It's a good start with a touch of realism. Some parts are a bit surreal (like a girl leaving her house at 2 am to visit some dude who doesn't even tell her about his problem first) but they add to the fun of the story and you can make it work.

Looking forward to read the next chapter! =)
Butterfly unique story, can't wait for more. 6/30/2015
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