Fix'd - Chapter 9

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Kiki Great job! 1/9/2016
Butterfly What happened between Mike and Briana? I needed to know their pass, is so mysterious and is driving me CRAZY. Something huge must have happened, but WHAT? I love love your story, please post the next chapter soon. And the kiss between Briana and Ethan, OMG... Juice. and Awesome, love it. 12/23/2015
Miha I'm falling in love with this story every step of the way!:) It's just so full of life and the plot line is progressing really well, I must say. And then we have Ethan, who adds a bit of mystery to the story such as his and Briana's first kiss. Also, I agree with how you like to "sprinkle a little bit of Mike and Briana here and there" as we get to see a bit of a glimpse into their relationship, making us want more lol. Honestly, i'm just waiting for the next chapters with much eagerness:) Can't wait for more! 12/19/2015
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