Change the Melody - Chapter 4

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Olive Hi... I'm so excited to read this story...hope it's not a long wait for the next chapter...By the way I completed reading all the stories so far and I loved them... 2/3/2016
Miha I've just started reading 'Change the Melody' and I have to say it is such a pleasure to read! Your story is beautiful and perfect up 'till the last detail. I've read your others stories too, which are all equally breathtaking in their own ways. I'm usually a silent reader on your stories, but I just had to comment on this one. I think so far this has to be my favourite one of all. Your doing a marvelous job:) 2/2/2016
Butterfly It's ok, the story is worth of the wait,
Again, love the conversation between Marie and Derek. They are made for each other.
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