Hansel's Lover - Chapter Nine

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WhoMustNotName NEXT CHAPTER! IS BEEN A MONTH... 10/12/2016
X It would be great if the chapter were longer. 9/20/2016
. Especially love he line "Yet, it was obvious from their starry- eyed expressions that they were less worried about her health, and more curious about the girl in the rumors, the one with a handsome soldier for a lover." XD 9/19/2016
. love the story 9/19/2016
Fan More more more more more more... PLEASE. This story is addicting and I need more. 9/13/2016
Lin It's funny how Emily call Anna 'unsociable brat' and how she is willing to listen is Anna want to talk about it, they have a great friendship. 9/12/2016
Apps I think it's Daniel Han in the letter who's being referred to as Hansel... Loved this chapter... Would like to discover more secrets related to Anna and Hansel(maybe Daniel Han)...:) 9/12/2016
Butterfly First of all... WOW, this chapter is a emotional Roller Coaster. I couldn't stop smiling and giggling when Emily mention that there's a rumor going around about Daniel and Anna. Is way way too cute for me to handle. Now everyone knows that they're lovers XD
Can't believe the Detective Anna met that day was a fake though, OMG, things just get serious. But why? Why Why Why does the chapter end in a cliffhanger? And who is this Hansel? I think is Daniel, is definitely Daniel.
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