Change the Melody - Chapter 22 (Part 1)

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Butterfly Hey, I just spend entire 2 days reading Royally Complicated and OMG, amazing story, I wished I have read it sooner. I hope Rose, Rosie, Mark, and Matthew will be in the next chapter or few. But Why did Shane and Rose break up? Why, they were so perfect for each other, you better have a good explanation for this. 11/22/2016
Miha Don't worry i'm not going anywhere, I absolutely love reading your stories:) Your writing is so worth the wait! I just loved both these chapters, especially this one! They were such a pleasure to read. And omg, I missed the characters from "It's Royally complicated"! It was so lovely to see Shane again, such a sweetheart as always...him and Rosaline, well what can I say, such a cute couple:) Can't wait to read the first draft of your story on Eric and Giselle:) Anyways back to the story lol. I just hope Marie's dad see's how much passion she has for what she loves:) As for Emmet, he's such a fun character, I love how you've shaped his friendship with both Derek and Maria, such a pleasure to read. As for Derek and Marie, I couldn't be anymore happier for the way they got back together:) It was so well written and lol I was smiling like crazy when Marie received the flowers and Derek wa fumbling for words to say. Such cuties they are! Lovely chapters once again! cam't wait for the next bunch. Take your time, I don't mind:) 11/20/2016
Butterfly I cannot stop laughing throughout the entire chapter (People around me probably think I'm an lunatic). I have never laugh so hard reading a chapter before. You are a fantastic author I love love love love your works. 11/18/2016
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